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Sharae is a God Fearing Woman who acknowledges God in all that she does. She does it all with excitement, inspiration, and the expectation of knowing that when you give God your all in Praise that touches his heart and he looks down and opens up windows and doors that we may not have room to receive. The evidence of Gods power is ever present in her life with results of miracles, signs and wonders because she is one who walks by FAITH and not by SIGHT. She lives by Phil 4:13. She is the Author of My First Time Was a Lifetime which was released in 2006 which is geared toward young ladies, healthy relationships, as well as battered women mentally. She is a Motivational Speaker and is known to be very direct, yet keeping Gods love first because she to know how it feels to be mentally abused. Knowing that God can deliver and set free she has learned that there is Life after Divorce and you can live a saved and single life. Sharae also found a love for the camera and the microphone which i

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